From the Pastor's Desk...

Just a few words from the Pastor's Desk
Jeremiah 18:1-4

Words of an instructor "Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty" (when we think about this) God picks us up in some of the hardest and not so clean places. "Only when we make the decision." He cleans us and molds us into someone new. Also, what is so powerful is that He shapes us into what He has already placed within us. What's so incredible is that he gives us a new heart and puts a new spirit within us. We are "piece of work." Like MC Hammer would say - you can't touch this. That's why you must value who you are. Don't let a man put a price tag on you. "Your value is priceless." Don't let anyone mishandle your gift. Don't let anyone mishandle or tell you that you are not necessary. Regardless of your position in the church, you are essential.  Sometimes the potter will crush and start over when he realizes that the pot's foundation is too thin to hold the water or what it is intended for. I feel a shout in my spirit as I typed that message. Thank you, Jesus! I wanted to get off the wheel but thank you for recognizing me.  Even when the enemy tells you that you can't recover and become new — know that God is the potter and he is the perfect potter. He does not make any mistakes.  One thing that the most skilled potters do is communicate with the clay as if they are having a personal conversation. That is exactly what God wants to do with us. He wants to share with you the molding process. When we finally get to the point of "stop trying to control things,"- the process becomes much more manageable.  Yes, it becomes uncomfortable in the process because God is smoothing out the places in our hearts, in our emotions, and most often, our mind.  It becomes harder to be molded when there are air pockets. Where can air pockets come from in our lives? They can come from dire circumstances, hardship, abuse, and most often sin. In either case, air-pockets must be worked out. How do we get rid of them? Several ways - through God's pottering process: and if there is sin - it will begin through repentance.

Let us pray, "Father, I acknowledge that I have resisted at times and that I need to remain in your hands. Please forgive me of my sins. Please create in me a clean heart and renew in me the right spirit. I acknowledge that at times I have valued myself based on opinions, others in their accomplishments and have lost sight of who I am to you. I am grateful for you and how you are always giving. You are the best!

In Jesus' name!

"And I will give you a new heart and I will put a new spirit within you. I will take out your stony stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart."
Ezekiel 36:26 NLT

Dr. Tony Harris
Lead Pastor
Empowerment Church